About Three Fleas


Who are we:

We are young part-time entrepreneurs. We work in the e-commerce industry, so we have come into contact with a lot of unbranded/small-brand products that we like. We like to travel abroad, and we found that many of our foreign friends are actually interested in these products. So we started our Three Fleas dream!

Something to be clarified:

You may rarely see branded products in our shop, and the following is the reason.

Our perception of brands: help us improve the efficiency in selecting products. So in our value, we don't actually choose something due to its logo or price. A high price product does not equal a good product. 

One more tip:

You can see the name of person who recommend every product. If you like one product, check this name and search for more products in the collection menu from her! Believe it or nor, you may share the same taste :D