About Three Fleas


Who are we:

We support authentic designs!

The industry is overwhelmed by copycats, knockoffs, and scammers. At the same time, failures of the original designs are everywhere because they get copied and sold at much lower prices with shitty quality.

Therefore, we started THREE FLEAS. We do not dropship like those who never actually test products. We do not purchase products with big IP characters on it unless authorized. What we do is to help talented illustrators start their own brands, produce with our best factories, and sell to customers who values them as we do.

Something to be clarified:

You may rarely see branded products in our shop, and the following is the reason.

Our perception of brands: help us improve the efficiency in selecting products. So in our value, we don't actually choose something due to its logo or price. A high price product does not equal a good product.