Bu Xuan

Brand Introduction

"Bu Xuan" is an original design brand founded by independent designer Fish Xiaomei in 2014, formerly known as "Bu Yan". Now it is jointly operated by the husband and wife team of Yu Xiaomei & Qian duoduo. 

"Bu Xuan" means the heart is not declared. We believe that beautiful things that touch our hearts and resonate with us do not need much explanation. We hope that the same can be said for the works of Bu Xuan and that the unannounced things can meet you who share the same heart. A look, a heartbeat. All tacit understanding is hidden in the moment of raising eyebrows and eyes, melting in the subtle atmosphere of light smiles and no words.

The "Bu Xuan" logo is like a roll of rice paper that will be unfolded, the content of the roll can be felt but not seen, can be understood but difficult to express. "Knowing is easy, not saying is difficult", knowing without saying is his deep attitude; not declaring is her gentle yearning. Bu Xuan tells her own story with design and tries to find those who can understand her heart, and have tacit understanding and resonance in her own way.