Note of Earlobe

Applying traditional ceramic stranding techniques to our modern life.

Craft notes

-We did not choose to simply paint the surface of the brand's signature pattern. We wanted to do something "small and interesting" at a time when people are looking for exaggerated shapes or colors. The process involves cutting, combining, cutting, and combining again and again to achieve a random, unique, and experimental pattern.

-The ceramic itself needs to be shaped-dried-polished-glazed-fired-cooled. A problem in any of these steps will result in wasted preliminary work. So the scrap rate will also be high.

-The grip and the slightly concave curvature in the middle are designed to ensure maximum comfort while taking into account aesthetics, so that "beauty" and "practicality" can coexist.


-Individual ceramic cup interface will have some small cavity phenomenon, which belongs to the ceramic itself as a very normal shrinkage phenomenon and does not affect the use. (Cup wall will have small bubbles, which are normal)

-Due to its complex process, we can only produce 30 ceramic cups a month, with limited sale

Copyright Statement

Earlobe brand has applied for copyright protection, and copying and counterfeiting must be investigated.