What is Flowing Light

Brand Story

"Flowing Light " is the original lifestyle brand of the illustration artist Richeese. Drawing inspiration from nature, the vibrant and lively colors in the artwork convey inner emotions, awakening the senses numbed by everyday reality.

In the verdant spring, as green spreads and everything comes alive, this brand transforms the colors of nature into beautiful items. The intention is to bring healing and relaxation to people's busy days with these cheerful colors.

Designer Story

Richeese, Born in 1995, independent artist, now living and working in Hangzhou. The artwork is inspired by nature's

plants, sunlight, and inner emotions. Nature brings out the best in all things. The background of each
painting is a projection of the current life, the love and perception of life, and constantly find and grasp the creative inspiration in life.
Vivid colors, lively lines and abstract strokes awaken a perceptual system that has been anesthetized by real life. Find freedom in nature's true meaning,